Sunday, October 9, 2011

Balance, Perspective, and Why I Love My Life

As many of you know, I recently submitted a photo to the Pinup Doll of the Month contest. This is the photo

and as you can see, there is butt. It’s what I do, you should know that by now.

When I first submitted a photo to this contest, the page owner replied that she loved the image I sent but was concerned about it being reported and did I have something a bit more Facebook-friendly. Now, the image I first sent was already on my own FB page and hadn’t created any problems, but I understood and appreciated her concern, so I sent the above, more modest version of the same shot. She said she still had concerns but would add the photo to the contest and hope for the best.

It was up for a week before it was reported and deleted. The stats for that week are as follows.


2 “Nasty”, 1 “Gross”, 1 “Tacky”, 4 “Sexy”, 3 “Hot”, 3 “Gorgeous”, 2 “Beautiful”, 1 “Sensual” and 1 “Oh My Dick” (which I know is three words but it made me laugh so I’m including it)

TOTAL – 14 Positive, 4 Negative


Disliked – 2 people who called it “nasty”, 1 person who called it “gross”, 1 person who called it “tacky”, and one person who felt the need to report it and have it deleted

Liked – My mother, 4 of my sisters, 1 of my goddaughters, 8 of my personal friends, and 91 random strangers whose support I greatly appreciate

TOTAL – 105 Positive, 5 Negative


Report the photo to Facebook and have it deleted – 1

Go to my shop and shell out $20 for the first 2012 calendar sale of the year – 1

TOTAL – 1 Negative, 10 Positive (because people who put their money where their mouth is count 10 times more than people who hide behind Internet anonymity and report things they don’t like rather than just looking away)

This is the first time I’ve had a photo deleted on Facebook, and while it stung for a moment, what I found particularly amusing about the experience was trying to figure out what people find offensive. Let’s compare sections of the photo currently up on the FB page, the winner of last month’s contest, and the photo that was reported and consequently deleted.

Clearly, what bothers people is not exposed skin, which both photos have. It is not cleavage, because the first photo quite obviously has a great deal more of that. No, I have given this careful thought and believe I have determined what it is that strikes fear in the hearts of Internet users, causing the knee-jerk “report & delete” reaction.

The sight of butt crack is deeply and irrevocably linked in the subconscious to the idea of costly home repairs, and this is the fear to which people react, without even realizing it. It’s not nudity that people have a problem with; it’s plumbers.

That’s the only explanation I’ve found that makes any sense, when people go to a page with the name “PINUP” in the title and are shocked to see skin. If you have other theories, I would love to hear them.

(The first photo in the above comparison is of Pinup Doll Ashley Marie, and please do not take anything in this post to mean that I don’t like her. I do, she is gorgeous and you should go HERE and lavish all sorts of praise on her. While you’re at it, go HERE and Like the page, and HERE to continue your admiration and praise-lavishing on Naomi VonKreeps, founder of


  1. Wow. wow.

    WTF is wrong with people? A question that is unanswerable.

  2. Plumbers can be scary, I try not to judge.


  3. Unfortunately too many people remember the "Don't touch your poopy diaper! It's dirty!" part and forget the "Everybody poops! ^_^" part of childhood.

  4. Hey there, what a great post (and blog as well).

    I am still angry about your photo being reported. I've had to deal with several of my own photos being reported and consequently deleted. 2 of which only had my arms and legs showing. No cleavage, no butt. Arms and legs only, yet somehow they did not meet fb's community standards. it is extremely frustrating to say the least. FB states that it does review the images that are reported, but I highly doubt this.

    Your attitude is amazing though, and you are gorgeous. I hope you submit more pictures in the future :)

  5. Peter Griffin: I'm looking for some toilet training books.

    Salesman: We have the popular "Everybody Poops", or the less popular "Nobody Poops But You".

    Peter: Well, you see, we're Catholic...

    Salesman: Ah, then you'll want "You're a naughty, naughty boy, and that's concentrated evil coming out the back of you".

  6. Naomi, you're a sweetheart, and one of the things I'm most happy about is this whole business introducing me to you, your page and your work, that alone made it worthwhile :)

    Facebook does indeed review the photos that are deleted, eventually. It's the "eventually" where things get stuck, due to the volume of things that get reported, so they've had to adopt a "delete first ask questions later" policy and it can be months before they get around to actually looking at something.

    But I found out something VERY interesting about FB policies recently, from someone who used to work there. Every time someone reports something, FB makes a note of the item and the complainer. Then when they eventually get around to reviewing the item, they determine if it was a legitimate TOS violation. If it WASN'T, the person who complained gets a black mark on their record, and every bogus complaint from that point forward causes that person's complaints to all count a little less. File enough bogus reports about things that aren't TOS violations, and FB eventually just starts ignoring you completely when you whine about something. So there is hope that the people who are afraid of bare knees and elbows on the Internet will eventually shoot themselves in the foot one time too many and cease to matter.

    And I will definitely send more pictures your way. I saw a really cute Snuggie in leopard print at Big Lots the other day, maybe I'll wear that ;)

  7. The fact that some foolish person felt the need to report the photo AT ALL is ridiculous. If I had a booty I would not only show my cleavage, but show my booty too! I embrace my body as all women should. This is 2011 not the 1800's! To be honest, I think it's all jealousy. Would someone REALLY be offended with some crack or cleavage showing?! I'm actually surprised some of my photos haven't been reported, but I do expect it eventually. When that happens I'll just put it up again. The photo you have is gorgeous so obviously someone is going to be the green eyed monster. Keep rocking and flaunting that booty! If they don't like it TOUGH! To all the other people name calling well screw'em. They just want attention and I'm not going to give them that by wasting anymore time talking about them. YOU ROCK, THEY SUCK! END OF STORY DOLLFACE <3

  8. FB has a lot to answer for.... the powers that be who decide what is appropriate and what isn't need to take agood look at themselves. Just cause one person doesn't like it delete it philosophy is a joke. If you don't like it don't look at it, leave the rest of us alone to appreciate the pictures for what they are..... beautiful, sexy and an expression of the individuals own self. Matt (bubbleboy) Sydney Australia

  9. Ashley Marie, you are another sweetheart whose work and existence I am very glad this whole thing has brought to my attention :) And I agree, it is likely jealousy or fear that caused whoever reacted that way to have that reaction. If it's jealousy, frankly I can't help but laugh because the butt in that photo is 41 years old and if it can still strike jealousy in the heart of anyone, well, that's a happy day for me ;) If it's fear, that makes me a bit sad because that kind of fear usually stems from not being comfortable in your own skin, and having doubts about yourself as a woman, which is something I wouldn't wish on anyone, and people don't even recognize the emotion they're having as fear, they just read anger and offense without looking for the source.

    Anyway, enough of my dimestore psychology :)

    Matt, I completely understand your frustration, and it would be wonderful if it worked that way, hopefully FB has gotten big enough (or will soon) to be able to devote more manpower to these things, but at the end of the day, it is a free service and I try to not expect too much from free services. That's why I have my own website, and NOBODY tells me what to do on my own website ;)

  10. It's late at night and I decided to see what this was about. I am a regular contributor to haiku stew but nornally don't have time for the rest. However, I needed a good laugh tonight and the Plumber - remark threw me off the chair
    thank you

  11. Sue, your haiku have been a wonderful and much looked-forward-to addition to the site since you've been contributing, I'm so glad I could brighten your evening as much as you've brightened so many of mine :)

  12. I think Marius got it right. What's down there is "dirty," while what's up here is "clean."