Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Like Mick Jagger Better as a Woman

I am not a huge fan of the Rolling Stones. Truth be told, I am not even a moderate fan. What I do seem to be a huge fan of is covers of Rolling Stones songs by female vocalists. It began with Tori Amos covering “Angie”. It was solidified by The Sundays’ cover of “Wild Horses”. And as for “Miss You”? Sorry, boys, but that is a Jane Jensen song now. She owns it and you will never get it back.



  1. At the end of This little video you'll hear a rendition of "Paint it Black" that might just improve your opinion of Vanessa Carlton.

  2. You assume my opinion of Vanessa Carlton can possibly be any higher than it already is?!

    That actually is a pretty cool cover, and shows more range than I would have previously given her credit for.

    And for everyone who wants even more cool covers, you should go here and check out Liz's blog!